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Track your stock portfolio with style!

Destriant \'dɛs.tɹaɪ.ənt\ is a stock portfolio overview tool that runs entirely in the browser.

Destriant is the spiritual successor of pfm. It is libre, serverless and respects your personal data and privacy. Check out the source code.

or start inputting your accounts, securities and transactions in the “Tools” menu.

Destriant is experimental software. Some features are incomplete, or not implemented at all. Please report issues or give feedback.


# Name Currency Transaction fees Actions
Summary, EUR
Account value,
Realized P/L
Total P/L
Cash transfers
Account value,
Change in account value
Account value, EUR
Instrument P/L, EUR
Top 3 Gainers
Top 3 Losers
Cumulative P/L, EUR
Monthly P/L, EUR
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 1 Year
*To Date
Cash available

Value of positions

Account value

Account risk (?)

Day change

% Day change

Absolute exposure, EUR
Net exposure, Asset category
Net exposure, Currency
Net exposure, Country
Net exposure, Sectors
Instrument Quantity Open Current price 1Y Price % Price % Day change P/L Absolute exposure % Net exposure
Closed positions

Price database

Security Date Price Actions
Summary, over selected period
Internal rate of return (IRR)
Time-weighted return (TWR)
Maximum drawdown
Maximum drawdown period
Current drawdown
Portfolio volatility (GSD)
Downside volatility (?)
Account return, TWR, %
Monthly returns, IRR, %
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 1 Year IRR 1 Year TWR
*To Date


Ticker Name ISIN Exchange Currency Actions


Used for “All accounts” summaries.


# Date Type Account Security Quantity / Amount Price Fee Total Actions