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“[…] Yes, yes, I've heard every variation from you until I'm sick to my stomach!”
“Nausea is to be expected.”
—Ormulogun and Gumble meeting Itkovian (Memories of Ice)

What is Ormulogun?

Ormulogun is a tactics trainer for chess. It is completely free and libre. Main features include:

Ormulogun is still under heavy developement. Some features are incomplete, or not implemented at all. Please report issues or give feedback.

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Choose a puzzle set

Endgame training

Fundamental checkmates

Pawnless endgames

This feature is still considered experimental. Generated positions might not always lead to forced checkmate on rare occasions.

Generate a custom endgame

Help & Examples

Activity journal


Look & Feel

Puzzle filtering

Engine settings

Spaced repetition